Another Road Trip for Pietro

Remember the missing D reed and the out-of-tune A reed?

p1020567Well both of those were remedied yesterday at Jolly Roger Accordions near Andover in Hampshire.

Roger Thomas is a very affable chap who not only agreed to do the repair while I waited, but allowed me to watch the whole process which was very interesting.
There has been an issue obtaining reeds the right size, as having brass reeds, the reed blocks are smaller than those in steel reeded instruments, however Roger managed to squeeze in a slightly larger reed plate from a donor accordion in his workshop.

IMG_20161221_104321942He tuned the new D reed to match the existing set and when he was satisfied with that he turned his attention to the out-of-tune A reed, after a few attempts at correcting the pitch he found that the reed was partially fractured (as previously surmised) so without further ado the donor was operated on again and another reed was installed.

I can thoroughly recommend Roger for friendly advice and reasonable charges.

So I have a fully working set of reeds now, just in time to murder a few Christmas carols with my attempts at playing!


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