Open The Box

The bellows pins now being freed off I plucked up courage to separate the bellows from the rest of the instrument to see what it was like inside. Well, see for yourself…

Doesn’t look too bad? Nice and clean, isn’t it. The leather ‘valves’ are a bit curled which isn’t helpful in making a good seal but hopefully not too difficult or expensive to put right, but wait, what’s that gap?

There’s an entire reed plate missing! This doesn’t stop the note being played as two reeds usually sound together to create the Musette Tuning.

Musette tuning used in accordions, also called “wet” tuning, is where two or more sets of reeds are intentionally tuned slightly off pitch from each other, giving a vibrato effect.

I took the decision to blank off the out-of-tune A reed as well until I can get it fixed.

Friday 18th November: Another order from CGM Musical Services arrived with a selection of new leather ‘valves’ which means I could now replace all the accessible valves in the bass section and a good number in the treble section too.


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